Chris Packham, Southampton, UK (Lichen Greige Sample, Standard)

It’s Beautiful! Thank you!

Debra Fleeger, Arizona, USA (Jellybean Coconut, Standard)

My new rug is beautiful! It is in my dressing area and will surely inspire my clothing choices – and pilates routine!

Lauren Davis, Minnesota, USA (Rosie Runner, Small)

It is beautiful, I’m so happy with it!

Katrin Ti, Worblingen, Germany (Bubbles, Medium)

Janet Delves, London, England (After Matisse, Large)

We really love it!

Brian Plumridge, Devon, England (After Matisse, Standard)

Perfect for our home!

Andreea Meruta, Bucharest, Romania (The Happy Rug, Large)

Thank you to everyone at Sonya Winner for all the support given to us during this whole process. When we received the rug, we were thrilled with how beautiful it was. We just love it!

Shahdad Bekhard, Toronto, Canada (Rosie Rectangle, Medium)

Joselyn Miller, California, USA (The Wave Rug, XL)

The Magic Stepping Stone runners look amazing on our parquet floors and beautifully compliment the bright colours of our artwork. We also appreciate the quality of the runners as the depth and density of the pile made an immediate affect on the acoustics of a once very noisy corridor.

Rory and Steven Cole, London, UK (Magic Stepping Stones Deep, Skinny)

It is beautiful! We have a 4 year old who is obsessed with rainbows and we are looking forward to his reaction when he sees it in the morning.

Adam and Becca Scolfield-Cohen, New york, USA (Colour Canyon, Standard)

We absolutely LOVE the rug – it makes a very eye-catching work of art at the entrance of our open-plan living room/dining room. It really ties the two rooms together with its cheerful colours.

Santhie and Adrian Rogers, London, UK (Bubbles Rug, Small)

Never met a rug that was more “me”. I’ve had my After Matisse Rug for years, and I still love it as much today as the day it arrived!

Robin Samberg, Kansas, USA (After Matisse, Extra Large)

It’s brilliant and we are delighted! It constantly surprises us as we walk past and sneak a glimpse through the door.

Domenik Strebel, Surrey, UK (Bubbles Rug, Large)

We put our rug in its new home this afternoon. The sun was shining and made the yellow really glow. I think it’s lovely. Thank you so much!

Sarah Masters, York, UK (Jellybean Rug Mango, Standard)

Lindy Weinreb, Berkhamsted, UK (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

We absolutely LOVE it!!

Kari McKay, Perth, Australia (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

Our beautiful rug looks amazing! Even prettier in person!

Nicole Bates, Kansas, USA (Colour Canyon Rug, Large)

We are thrilled with the rug – it looks magnificent!

Karina Katz, London, UK (Rosie Circular Rug, Standard)

We love the Rosie…it’s lovely, and looks fantastic in our hallway!

Nicolas Salzano, California, USA (Rosie Runner, Custom Size)

It fits in so well!

Omar Miqdadi, Amman, Jordan (Kaleidoscope Rug, Standard)

The rug looks amazing. Thank you so much for your help!!

Sarah Cassias, Kansas, USA (The Wave Rug, Standard)

I love it!!! Thank you!!

Lauren Stein, New York, USA (Jellybean Rug Berry, Small)

The rug is fantastic and looks perfect!! The cushions are fabulous! We will be purchasing again in the near future as they are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Debbie Field, London, UK (After Matisse Rug, Medium & After Matisse Cushions)

Absolutely LOVE our new Magic Stepping Stones Runner!

Zdravko Gazda, Surrey, UK (Magic Stepping Stones Vibrant Runner, Extra Skinny)

The rugs really are wonderful. The real thing is better than any photo.

Tim Cox, London, UK (The Wave Rug, Custom Size)

I appreciate your kind, professional service and send you all best wishes.

Steven Beer, Brussels, Belgium (After Matisse Purple Rug, Medium)

Thanks again for everything. We love it and it fits perfectly.

Paul Woods, Lincolnshire, UK (After Matisse Rug, Large)

Absolutely delighted with the rug; it is beautifully made and the colours are so vibrant. The craftspeople have done a fabulous job.

Kristine Pressney, Kent, UK (Colour Canyon Rug, Custom Size)

Kevin Overton, Suffolk, UK (Colour Wheel Rug, Large)

We are very pleased with it! Thanks so much.

Ian Fox, New York, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

The rug and cushions are beautiful, match the picture on the wall and the rest of the decor. We are really, really happy with our purchase. Also, customer service was first class. Thanks a lot!

David Rodrigues, Florida, USA (After Albers Deep Rug, Large & After Matisse Cushions)

I love it! Thank you so much!

Anna March, London, UK (After Matisse Rug, Large & After Matisse Cushions)

Thank you! I love sitting on the floor – the rug is my new favourite place.

Agnes Harff, Flensburg, Germany (Colour Canyon Rug, X Large)

With remote work dragging on, it is awfully good to have uplifting colors and dogs.
David McAllister

David McAllister, Pennsylvania, USA (Magic Stepping Stones Vibrant, Small)

Finally got the rug installed and it is a very nice design that looks good with the Noguchi. It’s interesting how the colors seem to change from daytime sunlight to evening room lights. At the moment, while it’s new, I’m making my friends walk around the rug via my kitchen rather than stepping on it!
Warmest regards,

Nicholas Shambro, California, USA (Bubbles Rug, Custom Size)