We love love love love it. Here’s a picture. Thanks again. You guys are amazing.

Edward Fitzpatrick, London, UK (The Kiss Orange Rug, X Large)

I am delighted with my rug, I thought the last one that I had made was quality, but this is in a different league. The wide angle lens does not do it justice. It was my friends at Fiat Lux who gave me your name so I have to thank them twice. Many thanks and very best wishes, Min

Min Farrell, Somerset, UK (Rainbow Rectangle Rug, Medium)

I have attached a photo of my new subtle rug in situ! It’s perfect even if Mordechai thinks it’s ideal for drying out after a dip in the canal this morning. Many thanks and if I win the lottery I’ll be back for another one!
Mary Jane

Mary Jane Zeff, Addlestone, UK (Vortex Rug, Standard)

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