It arrived! Hard to see from the photo but it goes SO beautifully with the Louis Poulsen Cirque Pendant lamps and the Schnabel! We LOVE it!!!

Camille Saltman, Kelowna, Canada (Magic Stepping Stones Deep Runner, size Medium)

It looks great – our dog approves which is the real seal of approval.

Philip Hunter, Norfolk, UK (Prism Vibrant Rectangle Rug in size XXL)

John Strum, California, USA (The Wave Rug, Bespoke size)

We just love this rug! Bravo👏

Christine Shaw, White Rock, Canada (Chromatic Pixels Rug, size Extra Large)

We are happy and [the rug] looks great! Thanks again for your support.

Eldose Babu, Dubai, UAE (Bespoke Bubbles Runner)

Rug was delivered perfectly and everything is wonderful! I could not ask for more and this designer is very happy to have you be a part of her personal space! I think the pictures will speak for themselves. 🙂

Kaia True, Nevada, USA (After Albers Cornflower, size Extra-Large)

Roy Caires, San Francisco, USA (Bespoke Rainbow Runner)

Micheal Huddock, Pennsylvania, USA (Bespoke Kandinsky Rug)

Maya Khalawan, Long Marsdon, UK (Magic Stepping Stones Deep (Sample) Large size)

We absolutely love them, and not only do they look great they are so luxurious under foot!

Maya Khalawan, Long Marsdon, UK (Jellybean Lime (Sample) XXL Size)

Here it is! We love it!

Susan and Bruce Hall, LA, USA (Bubbles Rug Bespoke Size and Design)

Thank you!

Sarah Saunders, London, UK (After Albers Cornflower, size Standard)

Thank you for a beautiful rug!

Lizette Lawien, Minnesota, USA (Colour Canyon Runner, Custom size)

[The rug is] looking good, thanks so much for all the help and advice.

Martin Duncan, London, UK (After Matisse, size Standard)

Martin Duncan, London, UK (After Matisse, size Standard)

Sara Einollahi, Stockport, UK (Rectangles Art-Silk Rug Ex-Display, size Standard)

We love it! Thank you.

Mandy Nicholls, London, UK (Chromatic Pixels Rug, Standard size)

My wife and I wanted to integrate some modern furniture into a period room. It does the job beautifully, with the colours becoming warmer and even more striking under artificial light.

Robert Poddubiuk, Devauden, Wales (Colour Canyon rug, size Large)

We just unpacked the carpet and I’m beyond happy! It is so beautiful – the quality and vibrant colours!! Also thank you for the fantastic help and professionalism from you guys.

Elke Reif, Quebec, Canada (Sonia and Sonya Runner, Skinny)

Received our new Happy Rug and love it. Also, your delivery driver was great!

Stephen Weber, London, UK (Happy rug, Medium)

The pretty Aqua Teal Sea rug, in our beach house. A true testament to the value you place on customer relationships. Experiences like these make returning customers like myself feel valued and appreciated.

Jen Hagedorn, California, USA (Aqua Teal Sea (Art Silk) in size Medium)

It’s great and Sid the poodle is already very comfortable on it too!

Chris Packham, Hampshire, UK (Amoeba Sunset Rug, Standard)

We did it! We have the rug up on the wall and it looks great.

Jack Lynch, Clare, Ireland (After Matisse, Large)

Jing Herman, Florida, USA (Rainbow Runner in size Small)

Jing Herman, Florida, USA (Prism Pastels Irregular Rug in size Standard)

Jing Herman, Florida, USA (Jewel Rug Sky Rose in size Medium)

Love Love Love my carpet. Thank you! Life is too short to live in black & white…

Jay Graboff, Georgia, USA (After Albers Cornflower, Large)

We just received our 5th rug from Sonya and her team.  The Sonia and Sonya Runner now brings life to our access hall in our Spanish home and we love the design, the colours, and the feel when you walk on it. On top of that, they are good people who provide a personal and caring service.

Robert and Esther Putt, Spain (Bespoke Sonya and Sonia Runner)

We all love it!

Nic Hirsch, Shropshire, UK (Antelope Canyon Pool rug in Standard size)

Another day another rug!! Thank you!

Georgie Roberts, Jersey (Bubbles Outline, Ex-Display, Standard size)

The rugs look great!  They make the huge bedroom look much cosier and it’s so nice to get out of bed and step on a nice soft surface.  It’s been worth the wait.

Peter and Linda Ferstendik, Oxford, UK (After Albers Cornflower & After Albers Deep in Bespoke Sizes)

It looks really lovely. And all my friends love it too! I have recommended your rugs to them, and hopefully they’ll be popping in to your studio to buy some.

Miguel Burgos, London, England (Antelope Canyon Twilight, Standard)

Thank you, my daughter loves it and it looks perfect in her flat!

Georgie Roberts, Jersey (Wave Rug, Ex-Display, Standard size)

It works brilliantly – the room is more resolved with the two bubbles rugs and the colours work really well in the room. Very many thanks for the excellent service – really thrilled by the result.

Patrick and Bernadine Thompson, London, UK (Bubbles Large and Small)

Great showroom with very original and high quality rugs, traditionally hand-manufactured in India based on Sonya Winner’s arty designs. The rug we bought literally transfigured our interior from boring to eye-catching!

Jean-Patrick Marquet, London, England (Antelope Canyon Twilight, Standard)

Thank you so much for your kind email plus photos.  It was great to be able to visit and I really enjoyed meeting with Sonya, Lucy and Lily.
Your rugs are such a joy and inspiration and I will love mine dearly. Thank you again for your all help and advice in making this happen.

Sandra Kyle, Edinburgh, Scotland (Capsule fresh runner, Small)