Receive free digital visuals of our rugs in your home

We can help you see what our rugs will look like in your home before you purchase by creating digital visuals for you.

This will ensure you get right Size, Shape and Colour to achieve the style and mood you’re aiming for in your interior.

How it works

On each product page in our Rug Collection you will find a purple button called “Visualise this rug in your room”. This is placed underneath the Add to Cart button, below the list of rug sizes.

Just click the Visualise button and a pop up will appear. Fill in a few simple details, attach your room photos and click Send. Once we receive your request, we will send the visuals to you within 2 working days.

Choose the rug design that completes and enhances your space

Whether a square, circular, or irregularly shaped rug would complete your space best is an important thing to consider. This depends on the shape of your room, as well as the furniture arrangements and the empty space left in between.

The colour of the rug is equally important, as it will have a big impact on the aspect on the room (different colours can make a room appear larger or smaller), as well as on the energy levels and the mood within it.

Let us know your preferred designs from our collection and we will place them in your home, so you can see and decide which one suits your space best.

Read more on how colour transforms a space

Choose the rug size that makes your room feel balanced

If you are deciding between two sizes of the same design, do let us know. The best way to choose is by seeing how each of them fit your room.

Some small sizes can feel lost in too much empty space, while some excessively large ones can mean that the unique irregular shapes of our designs get lost under furniture.

Choosing just the right size will ensure that your home feels balanced and that the distinctive shapes and colours of our designs are displayed with the maximum effect.

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Send us a few details and we’ll do the rest

Email us the following details at: and we will get back to you within 2 working days:

• Some photos of the room you intend to transform, showing clearly the space you want to place the rug in (mobile phone photos are absolutely fine)
• Relevant measurements e.g.: sofa, coffee table, room’s width and length
• From our rug collection, let us know the designs you’re considering and the size for each of them

Examples of visuals

See below some examples of visuals we’ve created for our customers around the world.

Designer rugs for living room - USA Home

Living Room Rug, USA. Visualized rugs: After Matisse (Size: XX Large), After Albers Deep (Size: XX Large), After Albers Cornflower (Size: XX Large)


Hallway Rug, USA. Visualized rugs: Colour Wheel (Size: Standard), Jewel Sky Rose (Size: Standard)


Contemporary rugs for living room - USA Home

Open-Plan Living Rug, USA. Visualized rugs: Rothko-esque Grey (Size: Standard), Rectangles (Size: Standard), Jellybean Mango (Size: Standard)


Colourful Living Room Rugs - USA Home

Living Room Rug, USA. Visualized rugs: Dusk Rectangle (Size: XX Large), Rainbow Rectangle (Size: XX Large)


Colourful Rug for Hallway - UK Home

Hallway Rug, UK. Visualized rugs: Jellybean Lime (Size: Large), Jellybean Berry (Size: Large), Bubbles (Size: Large)


Contemporary Rugs for entryway - USA Home

Entryway Rug, USA. Visualized rugs: Echoes of Light Green (Size: Standard), Deep Sunset (Size: Large), After Matisse (Size: Large)