Commissioning highly original custom rugs

We create custom rugs – bespoke rugs that reflect your personal taste and design vision. Sonya works with a limited number of clients each year to create bespoke or uniquely commissioned designs.

Working directly with private clients, interior designers, architects and corporate clients, this is a highly personalised service designed to create custom rugs which are unique and tailored to meet the requirements of a specific interior, colour scheme, space or perhaps to complement existing furniture or artworks.

For more information on the design process for creating a custom rug, please see below.

To make an enquiry or arrange an appointment to discuss a bespoke project at our showroom, please call us on +44 (0)20 3283 8776 or by using our contact form.

The journey – creating high quality bespoke rugs

To begin the process of creating our bespoke rugs, we arrange an initial meeting face to face or on video phone to discuss the creative brief for the project. We discuss the location of the rugs, dimensions, colour palette, creative themes and inspiration for the piece to be designed. Where interior designers or architects are likely to be involved, it is key that they are part of this process and involved in the initial meeting.

Once we have a feel for what you are looking for in your bespoke rug and the amount of work required to realise your project we will provide you with a staged design proposal and costing for the design process and weaving costs, though as the design progresses there may be some variance in this depending on the yarn and weaving style chosen.

Please note that we only accept bespoke rugs commissions for pieces which are larger than 5 sq. m. / 55 sq. ft. in size.

Design Concepts for Bespoke Rugs

Once appointed to design your unique bespoke rug, Sonya confirms the brief in writing and then sets to work designing within the agreed colour palette, size and shape to create a number of design solutions.

When the bespoke rug concepts are completed, these are presented for discussion. The next stage of the design is a refinement of the chosen design.

Bespoke Rugs Concept Development

Based on the feedback from the initial design presentation, we will proceed to the next phase of your bespoke rug’s design, producing more detailed sketches and visuals of how the rug will work within the intended space. Presented as either visual sketches, floor plans or by placing the visual concept into a photograph of the space, the final concept will be refined in line with your feedback through to agreement of the final finished design.

Once these have been agreed sample swatches of the rug are sometimes made.

The bespoke rugs design process is costed in stages. If for some reason you do not wish to proceed after the initial stages of design you will only be charged for the work completed.

Final specification and weaving of your bespoke rug

Once the final design for your bespoke rug has been agreed, the detailed specification will be discussed, looking at options for materials such as wool and silk, options on weaving and finishing, and the associated costs for production. Once the final specification is confirmed, exact costs and timings for production of the final rug can be agreed and weaving can commence.

Our bespoke rugs are either tufted or hand knotted and produced by GoodWeave certified weavers using the best quality Pure New Zealand Wool, Pure Chinese Silk, or potentially a mixture of both.

The finished bespoke rug

Once the final piece has been inspected by our weavers and QC it is sent to our studio for final inspection before being shipped to our customer.  For examples of completed bespoke rugs, please view our inspiration section.

To make an enquiry or arrange a personal appointment at our showroom, please call us on +44 (0)20 3283 8776, email

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